What To Bring For Overnight Canoe & Kayak Trip:

  • What To Bring For Overnight Canoe & Kayak Trip:
  • Warm clothes (wool & polyester keeps you warm, not cotton)
  • Rain coat & pants
  • Toque & Sun Hat
  • Sandals or neoprene booties
  • Trail shoes or hiking boots (your shoes may get wet)
  • Swim suit & towel
  • Sunglasses & sunscreen
  • First-aid kit
  • Map
  • Emergency communication (cell phone, VHF radio, Inreach)
  • Headlamp & extra batteries
  • Tent, sleeping bag & pad
  • Tarp shelter
  • Rope for setting up shelters.
  • Knife
  • Cook stove & dish/cutlery set
  • Water bottle
  • Food with 1 extra day emergency meals
  • Dry bag(s)
  • Rope for bear cash (metal bear cashes exist at all Valhalla Prov. Park Campsites)
  • Fire starter (check local fire restrictions first)
  • Garbage/Recycling bag (leave no trace)
  • Camera
  • PFD & Paddle if you prefer to use your own instead of those provided by Smiling Otter

Pre-Trip Planning

Remember to tell someone your trip plan & route. How many in your group. Where you are starting and finishing your trip. When you plan to be back. Also directions with what you would like them to do if you do not return on time. Check local weather forecast.